4 Reasons why the Greek Island of Poros Will Become Your New Fave Destination

4 reasons to visit Poros Greece with Medsailors. A female in a watermelon swimsuit gazes out at the colorful port of Poros Greece.

Pastel colored houses and their terra-cotta rooftops rise from the dazzling turquoise bay as if stacked upon each other, sail boat masts reach into the bright blue sky, and the scent of delicious Greek cuisine welcomes you into port — this is Poros.
The Saronic Islands in general are pretty special, but here are a few reasons why we think you’ll fall in love with Poros in particular during your MedSailors sailing holiday.

1. The Colour Palette

Okay, this may sound like a bit of a strange one, but hear us out. There’s just something about the colours of the sparkling waters in the harbour, the verdant landscape made up of thousands of fragrant lemon trees, and the charming lanes lined with pretty flowers and white-washed buildings with rich terracotta-tiled roofs. Magical!

2. Soak in Some Incredible Sights on your MedSailors Sailing Holiday

From the Temple of Poseidon to the town’s 1920s clock tower (which, if you climb to the top, will reward you with some unbeatable views), your time in Poros will never be dull. You’ll be surrounded by neoclassical architecture, beautiful sandy beaches, the remains of a Russian naval base, a dedicated archaeological museum, an 18th-century monastery, art galleries and so much more. So you can be sure that however you choose to spend your time, it’ll be unforgettably amazing.

4 Reasons to Visit Poros Greece - Male on wakeboard in Poros Greece waterspouts jumping a wake. Photo by Ryan Brown of

3. Try Your Hand at A Variety of Water Sports

From parasailing to water-skiing and wakeboarding, let’s just say there are much worse ways to spend an afternoon than out on the sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea. Get that adrenaline pumping and soak in the views of the spectacular coastline, working up an appetite for the delicious dinner that awaits later in the evening.

4. Tuck into Some Delicious Greek Food in the Saronic Islands

The waterfront is lined with spectacular restaurants, family-run tavernas, and an array of cafés and bars with bustling atmospheres and incredible menus. Adorned with a variety of fresh fish dishes, succulent meats, locally grown vegetables and even – if you’re feeling brave – snails, you’re guaranteed to find something deliciously tempting and full of the traditional Greek flavours that makes cuisine in this part of the world so special. Oh, and the cocktails are pretty spectacular too! You know, just in case you were wondering!

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