4 Reasons Why You’ll Fall Head Over Heels For Agistri

By MedSailors Crew published on 24 July 2018

It’s difficult to choose favourites but we reckon we’ve saved the best for last on our MedSailors tour of the Saronic Islands. Agistri is stuh-ning and here are a few reasons why we think you’ll agree.

Sail the Saronic islands - See the jewel in the Greek island chain crown

It’s a Jewel in the Crown of the Saronic Islands

Whether you’re looking for bustling beach bars or secluded serenity, this small but perfectly formed island somehow manages to have something to offer every traveller. Selfie sticks at the ready: you’re definitely going to want to snap a few pictures for your scrapbook!

It’s Probably One of the Most Beautiful Islands You’ll Ever See

You know that feeling you get when you look at photographs of somewhere that’s so beautiful it’s almost TOO beautiful and you can’t believe what you’re seeing? Well, Agistri is kind of like that. But instead of looking at a picture, you’ll be immersed in the majesty of this seriously impressive island. Think sweeping sea views; whitewashed villages blanketed in pink flowers and lush greenery; and rugged coastlines begging to be explored.

It’s Literally Impossible to Get Bored

Hire a scooter and whizz along coastal roads, feeling the wind in your hair as you soak in views for days. Head out on a diving excursion and swim through an actual shipwreck. Lounge on white sandy beaches, making the most of island life tranquillity. And enjoy a leisurely lunch, savouring the fresh flavours of Greek cuisine. There are countless ways you might choose to spend your time on this little slice of heaven, make sure you enjoy it your way!

It’s the Location for the Finale of your MedSailors Adventure

And you know what that means? Togas! You’ll dance the night away with your new favourite people while draped in fabric, super grateful to your past self for booking this trip. We can’t promise that there won’t also be a few tears, but this is a holiday finale you won’t ever forget. And in such beautiful surroundings, too. Seriously, this will be a contender for the ‘best night of your life’ award!

Saronic island sailing holidays - Set your trip off in style

Dying to see Agistri for yourself? Grab your toga and book your MedSailors Saronic holiday today!

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