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4 Things You’ll Learn Snorkelling In The Greek Islands

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 07, 2017

Here at MedSailors HQ we’re (obviously!) pretty big fans of the ocean, and one of the reasons we love the Saronic Islands so much is because exploring life beneath the waves is simply unforgettable.

Summer swimming and snorkelling in Greece - Warm waters that invite you in to explore

Snorkelling is Easily One of the Best Workouts

Your instructor will teach you all you need to know about conserving energy, swimming with flippers and deep breathing, and getting a good workout in whilst also exploring some of the world’s clearest, warm, sparkling turquoise waters has got to be at least somewhat preferable to sweating it out in a crowded gym somewhere not nearly as beautiful!

Challenge Yourself on Your MedSailors Getaway

Exploring the oceans and experiencing first-hand the explosion of life happening beneath the waves means that snorkelling is easily one of the most beautiful and humbling activities you can do. It’s also totally normal, however, to feel a little unsure at first. Your instructor will be there running you through important facts and techniques, teaching you how to relax and stay calm, ensuring you fully enjoy the experience. You can choose to practise swimming a little deeper, or enjoy the view from the surface and spend your time exploring rock pools bursting with life in shallower areas.

The Waters Around the Saronic Islands are Almost Unbelievably Clear

If you think the waters look beautiful from the beach or the boat, prepare to be even more amazed when you’re out experiencing them! Waters around the Saronic Islands are renowned for being exceptionally calm, with numerous secluded bays providing the perfect rocky environments for sea life to call home. And yes, bringing an underwater camera is an excellent idea!

Life Below the Waves is Equally as Beautiful as Life Above

The ocean can sometimes seem like a scary place, but it really is one of the most precious parts of our planet. Exploring caves, sea grottos and shipwrecks whilst swimming amongst beautiful reefs and colourful sea life is an unforgettable experience that may end up being one of your favourite parts of your entire getaway.

See what lurks beneath the waves - Swim and snorkel in Greece

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