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4 Top Tips For Saving For Your Dream Sailing Getaway

By MedSailors Crew
on  July 02, 2018

Can you picture yourself sunning on beautiful beaches, snorkelling in secluded coves, and partying the night away with your new sailing pals? Of course you can! So, all that’s left for you to do is to save some pennies to make this not-so-distant dream a reality. Here are few tips to get your sailing trip fund started ASAP.

Saving up for your big sailing trip - How to make changes to build up some cash

Ditch the Luxuries

You might be surprised at just how much a few short-term sacrifices will add to your holiday getaway fund. Giving up your morning takeaway coffee for a little while might suck a bit, but it’ll all be worth it when you’re lounging on a luxury yacht in some seriously impressive island paradise surroundings.

Shop Smart

Would you rather sink back those fancy cold-pressed juices now or sip some delish cocktails ocean-side in a few months? Spoiler: the answer is definitely the latter. Also, we know you’ve heard it all before but taking a packed lunch with you to work instead of forking out for food on your break every day will make so much difference.


Get your Mates on Board

Saying no to a few nights out will be a whole lot easier if they understand just how important your impending travel adventures are to you. You might experience a touch of FOMO every now and again, but you don’t have to lock yourself away at home and never see your friends. Chip in for a pizza night at home, or crack open a few bottles in front of a Netflix box set. Sometimes staying in is even better than going out.

Start a Spare Change Sailing Trip Jar

No one wants to lug around a wallet full of spare change, so why not use it to kick-start your holiday fund? If you’ve gone cashless, set up a separate bank account and transfer your spare change electronically. If your food shop comes to £10.25, transfer the extra 75p. Making this a habit will add up pretty quickly, and you probably won’t notice these extra pennies leaving your account.

Special sailing trips that are worth saving for - Unforgettable experiences in the Med

Start saving now for your epic MedSailors Sailing Holiday, can’t wait to see you aboard!

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