5 Awesome Places To Eat In Athens

By MedSailors Crew published on 29 November 2017

Whether you’re looking for a fine-dining extravaganza or the charming ambience of a local taverna, the secret to truly great Greek cuisine is found in its ultra-fresh flavours, locally sourced ingredients and just the right amount of seasoning and dressing.

During your MedSailors sailing holiday around the Saronic Islands you’ll quickly discover that dining out in Greece is always a communal affair, with locals gathering with their friends and family to engage in rowdy conversation and share some delicious food. Without a doubt, you’ll love the flavours and the vibes.

Here are our top Athenian restaurant recommendations!

1. Perfectly-Placed Varoulko Seaside

Eat fresh in Greece - Dishes to keep you satisfied

This beautiful waterside restaurant is widely considered to be the finest seafood restaurant in the whole of Athens, so you can already expect to be treated to something exceptionally delicious. Specialising in perfectly prepared seafood, the grilled squid and red mullet come highly recommended.

2. Enjoy Klimataria’s Authentic Home-Cooking on your MedSailors Sailing Holiday

Specialising in traditional Greek home cuisine, Klimataria’s atmosphere is difficult to beat. Here you can look forward to enjoying one of the best traditional spinach and cheese pies you’ll eat during your trip, and there’s also live music to enjoy every evening except Mondays.

3. Marvellous Mama Roux

With everything from colourful salads to stacks of pancakes served with maple syrup, Mama Roux is the place to be if you’re feeling peckish.

4. Picturesque Psarras

Although Psarras is in the tourist hotspot of Plaka, Athenians flock here to enjoy the authentic food and beautiful atmosphere. First established in 1898, this establishment has also welcomed its fair share of famous guests, including Brigitte Bardot. We recommend taking a seat outside on the patio, which is shaded by verdant mulberry trees. Lovely!

5. Soak in Strofi’s Spectacular Atmosphere on your Saronic Islands Adventure

With a roof terrace overlooking the majestic Acropolis, Strofi immediately gets a 10/10 for atmosphere. Famous for putting a slight twist on traditional Greek taverna classics, you’ll love the hearty and flavourful dishes adorning this much-loved menu. If you’re looking for a specific recommendation, you can’t go wrong with the rice-stuffed tomatoes!

Sailing holiday food advice- Visit Greece for fabulous food

Drooling over the tantalizing Athenian cuisine? Book a sailing holiday to the Saronic Islands or Ionian Islands with Medsailors today!

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