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5 Greek Views So Beautiful They’ll Leave You Questioning Whether They’re Actually Real

By Lucy Bradley
on  March 28, 2017

We’re sure we’ve all scrolled through holiday pictures on social media as we’re trying to pass the time on our commutes and thought ‘I wonder what filter they’ve used there’, because it looks too beautiful to be real. Here are five views that will have your BFFs wondering the same thing as you’re having the time of your life as you sail Greece in style.

The Amazing Athenian Acropolis


You’ve probably stared at pictures of this stunning example of ancient architecture many times, but nothing can prepare you for the awe-inspiring view that awaits at the end of your sailing trip. Wait for the clouds to part, allowing a rich golden hue to illuminate the city of Athens below, and you’ll probably forget what words are for at least a solid ten minutes.

Step into Enchanting Ermioni on Your Sailing Trip

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5016 year old city #medsailors#medsailorsgreece#ermioni

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Stand atop a surrounding hill to see the bright white buildings of a village that has been inhabited since 3,000 BC, contrasting spectacularly with the bright blue skies and deep blue ocean that envelop them.

The Agistri Coastline

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Pure sauciness.

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Standing on the cliffs and staring out over crystal clear waters and rugged coastlines sheltering dreamy beaches, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve momentarily stepped back into prehistoric times. It’s really that magical.

Sail Greece and Snap Perfect Pictures of Spectacular Sunsets

Watching the sun set anywhere in Greece is guaranteed to be stunning, but the view from sunset lookout point in Hydra is special. In many ways. we think it’s perhaps because Hydra feels like an island frozen in time. With no scooters, cars or other modern distractions, it’s just you, your loved ones, and one heck of a view.

A Burst of Colour in Poros

Have you ever walked through a forest of lemon trees? The little pops of bright yellow almost sparkle in the sunshine against a backdrop of rich green leaves. Imagining stepping into an enchanted garden for the very first time should give you a small taste of the magic that awaits.



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