5 Reasons Why A Trip To The Greek Islands Should Top Your Bucket List

Whether you want to party all night, pretend you’re starring in your own super cute romance movie strolling through the waves on a beautiful white sandy beach, buff up on your knowledge of mythology and ancient history, treat your taste buds to some of the most incredible dishes, or indulge in a little bit of each of those things (and more!), here are a few reasons why a Greek Island sailing holiday should scoot its way up to the top of your travel bucket list RN!

1. Explore the Coastline on Your Greek Island Sailing Holiday Extravaganza

Secluded coves, sparkling turquoise waters, hidden caves, brilliant white sandy beaches, scuba diving, sea life spotting, lounging with a cocktail in hand, the most ridiculously beautiful sunrises and sunsets, every water sport you could possibly think of…. We don’t need to say anymore, right?!

2. Find Yourself Captivated by Charming Seaside Villages

Here at MedSailors we pride ourselves on our variety. As well as providing plenty of opportunities for you to party the night away, we also love highlighting the joys of islands like Paros, which are home to charming villages with equally charming locals, who love to have a chat about anything and everything. The winding streets are too tempting to resist, with countless tucked away taverns, bakeries and ice cream shops waiting to be discovered.

3. Seriously Though, The FOOD!

If you’ve never tried fresh-from-the-ocean seafood, you need to get yourself over to the Greek Islands ASAP. You also don’t want to miss out on, amongst many other incredible dishes, authentic Greek salads, kebabs, souvlaki and spanakopita. All made with ultra-fresh ingredients, we promise we’re not exaggerating at all when we say Greek food is sheer perfection!

4. Experience 10/10 Sightseeing Opportunities

With important archaeological sites, sweeping landscapes, ancient architecture, ridiculously beautiful ocean views, amphitheatres, temples, museums, UNESCO protected heritage sites and art galleries, a trip to the Greek islands will probably change your life.

5. One word… DOLPHINS!

Sail and SUP alongside dolphins in the Mediterranean. Your day, month and year will certainly be made but don’t just take our word for it… come and experience it! Check out our Greece Saronic Island sailing route here.

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