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Here Are 5 Reasons Why You’re Going To Fall In Love With Corfu

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 07, 2018

Let’s just say that we have our reasons for choosing Corfu as the starting point for our Ionian sailing trip adventures, and here are a few of them…

Sailing the Greek islands - Where to visit and what to do

Kerkyra Town is Unforgettable

The old town of Kerkyra has UNESCO-listed status, which should give you some idea of the incredible sights that await you. Wander the ridiculously charming streets discovering tucked-away bars, beautiful boutiques, and some of the most incredible dining spots you’ll ever have the pleasure of stumbling across.

Explore Corfu’s Rich History on your Greek Island Sailing Holiday

We strongly recommend looking all around you and taking in the majestic architecture that Corfu is treating you to. It is also well worth exploring a few of Corfu’s museums and art galleries to really get a feel for the history of this unique, very beautiful location.

The Beaches are Dreamy

Although Gouvia beach is a bit on the pebbly side, it’s unquestionably charming and the perfect place to sit back and soak in some of that incredible Greek sunshine. Alternatively, if you’re keen to get that adrenaline pumping as soon as possible, there are plenty of water sports to try your hand at here too!

Kick Off Your Sailing Trip with a Game of Croquet

Because, well, why not?! There are plenty of surprises awaiting you throughout your Greek Island sailing holiday, and we’re firm believers in starting it off right as you arrive. Not only is it a brilliant way to bond with your boat mates, but even if you don’t quite master the technique of croquet, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

Experience your First Taste of a Traditional Greek Taverna

We’ll leave you with five words of advice here: enjoy yourself, but pace yourself!

Sumptuous Greek island evenings - Eat and drink in pleasant surroundings


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