5 Tips For Managing Money When Travelling In A Group

By MedSailors Crew published on 8 January 2018

No-one wants to be fretting over finances on a sailing trip of a lifetime, which is why having the cash chat before setting sail is always a good idea!

Sailing trip ideas for groups - Get your friends together for an amazing journey

Decide on a Budget

You’ll probably all have access to differing amounts of cash but if you’re keen to do as many things as possible as a group, establishing an estimated daily budget will help you all to plan how you’re going to fill your days.

Respect the Budget

Deciding on a budget is only the first step. The hard part is trying to stick to it! Priorities might change as the trip progresses, so it’s important to understand if someone in your group chooses to bow out of a previously agreed activity because they would rather spend their available funds doing something else. It’s totally normal to want to do slightly different things, which is why maintaining a somewhat flexible schedule is the key to a great getaway.

Keep Track of Group Spends Throughout your Sailing Trip

There are an array of apps available to help with working out how much each person should be chipping in for their portion of a group spend. Although you probably won’t be fretting over a couple of euros here and there, you’ll want to make sure that everything is settled fairly to ensure that, unless they’ve offered, no-one is spending more than they should be.

Have A Back-Up Fund

You might find yourself tempted to indulge in a few extra cocktails on an evening out, or start feeling a bit peckish between meals on a mid-afternoon excursion, which is why having a bit of extra cash on hand is always a good idea. You’re here to have a good time and you certainly don’t want to feel hangry on holiday, so make sure you’ve got enough spare cash to see you through every scenario.

Talk To Each Other

It’s always best to address financial tensions as soon as they begin to arise, especially as it won’t be anything a quick chat can’t sort!

Sailing trip tips - How to manage money when travelling with friends
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