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6 Things You’ll Learn In Dubrovnik

By MedSailors Crew
on  November 30, 2017

Dubrovnik Medsailors Voyager Route. 6 Things you'll learn in Dubrovnik showing the old city from a Medsailors sailing yacht. Photo by Ryan Brown of

Every destination has its own nuances that will only be uncovered by spending time fully immersing yourself in its unique culture and atmosphere. Here are just a few noteworthy things about Dubrovnik that we think will make this one of your favourite stops on your sailing trip.

1.  An Independent and Resilient City

Dubrovnik has a complex history but great strides have been taken to rebuild and preserve the city. The people of Dubrovnik are fiercely proud of their culture and independence, and are keen to share their experiences with every visitor.

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2. Enjoy the UNESCO-Protected City on your MedSailors Croatia Adventure

The old city of Dubrovnik is completely closed to all traffic, but even outside the castle walls it’s rare to come across an impatient driver. There won’t be any fearing for your life when crossing the road here!

3. Effort will Always be Appreciated Throughout your Sailing Trip

Learning a language is often a complex and lengthy process. However, you’ll quickly find that there are two Croatian words that will be universally appreciated across the city. “Hvala” (pronounced va-la) means thank you, and “dovidenja” (pronounced dov-veh-jen-ya) means goodbye. Using these two simple words as often as you can during your time in Dubrovnik will surprise and delight locals.

4. The Oysters are Excellent

Okay, so all seafood throughout your Medsailors Croatia adventure will be ridiculously delicious, but Dubrovnik’s oysters are especially noteworthy. Give one a try with a splash of lemon, and if it’s your first try, getting someone to film you can make for an amusing Instastory!


5. The Beaches are Pebbly, but Still Beautiful

Dubrovnik’s pebbly and often rocky shoreline is beautiful in its own unique way and although there are very few soft sandy beaches, it’s nothing a good pair of shoes can’t fix!

6. There’s A Cable Car

If you think the views from the city walls are stunning (and they are!) prepare to be thoroughly impressed by what you’ll see from Dubrovnik’s cable car. Just before sundown is an ideal time to soak in a bird’s-eye view of the city, with a spectacular Croatian sunset offering the perfect backdrop!


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