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6 Ways Travel Can Transform You Into The Best Possible Version Of Yourself

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 04, 2018

Mission: You Version 2.0 is underway. Let’s go!

Discover the new you on a sailing trip - Travel and explore your inner self

1) Connect with Like-Minded People Who Won’t Judge You

When you’re surrounded by people who are on the same page as you, you’ll quickly realise that your dreams don’t have to stay dreams forever.

2) It’s an Excuse to Unplug for A While

We’re not saying you can’t snap some pictures for your ‘gram or update your Snapchat story with your latest holiday shenanigans, but social media is a major distraction and stepping back for a bit and enjoying the world can help you to rediscover who you are without it.

3) Let’s Get Moving

Ubering everywhere? Not making it to the gym even though you were definitely going to go at least three times this week? Getting into an active routine can be tricky, but a MedSailors sailing holiday is a guaranteed way to kick-start your fitness in the best possible way. When you get home you’ll feel so great we’re pretty sure you’ll be dusting off your Fitbit and jogging to the gym in no time.

4) Stay Street Smart

You know how to get yourself from A to B in your everyday life, but how do you react when you’re left to explore an unfamiliar place? Can you take care of yourself and look out for others? Can you go out and manage to keep hold of your phone, camera, and cash? Travelling is a brilliant way to discover the answers to those questions and if you think you perhaps aren’t as responsible as you should be, you might just surprise yourself.

5) Hello Perspective

Stepping outside your everyday life for a while will teach you a lot about who you are and what you want from life. From letting go of stress to daydreaming of a new career path, your travels can help you to find your feet in this often-confusing world we call home.

6) Dial 1-800-CONFIDENCE on Your MedSailors Sailing Holiday

Nudging you gently outside of your comfort zone, this is your opportunity to be whoever you want to be.

Sailing holidays and the confidence they bring - Build your self image upwardsReady to meet the best version of you? Book your MedSailors epic sailing adventure today and meet your best self!

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