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7 Reasons Why You Definitely Won’t Regret Going On A Wine Tour In Croatia

By MedSailors Crew published on 12 December 2023

Wine, snacks and Croatian sunshine. Three words: living the dream! Some Croatian islands are the world’s oldest continually cultivated regions, and no wonder why — islands like Hvar and Vis are the sunniest in the Adriatic. Here are 7 reasons why a wine tour in Croatia is a must on your sailing holiday!

Book a sailing trip to Croatia and experience its wine culture - Tasty tipples to tempt you

1. It’s Time to Feel Fancy While Sailing in Croatia

There’s just something super fancy about sampling local wines with an expert running you through all the need-to-know details. You’ll learn how to perfect the proper wine-tasting technique, allowing you to really experience all the subtle flavours that make Croatian wine so delicious.

2. You’ll Receive a Comprehensive Wine-Based Education

You’ll come away from your tour well-versed in exactly which wine to pair with pretty much every type of food: a pretty impressive skill to master. You’ll become the go-to wine expert of every dinner party and, tbh, that’s a pretty good position to hold.

3. Try Something New on Your MedSailors Adventure

It’s totally okay if you’re not really familiar with wine before your tour. Your MedSailors holiday is all about trying new things and you may even discover a new passion in the process!

Medsailors Wine Tour Croatia. A couple walks through a sun-drenched vineyard in Hvar Island Croatia. Photo by Ryan Brown of Lost Boy Memoirs.

4. Those Views, Though

If there’s one thing your time sailing in Croatia will teach you, it’s that this region will treat you to some exceptionally spectacular views at every turn. Wineries are easily home to some of the very best vantage points in the whole of Croatia, so you definitely don’t want to forget to bring a camera!

5. Did We Mention the Snacks?

Bread, olive oil, fresh olives, and cheese accompany wine so perfectly that you definitely won’t regret hoovering up all the snacks on offer during your tour.

6. You’ll Really Appreciate the Wine-Making Process

When you know precisely what goes into producing the perfect glass of wine, it becomes something that you can both appreciate, savour and enjoy a lot more.

7. Bond with Your New Pals

Wine tours are probably one of the best bonding experiences ever. And no, it’s not because of the alcohol! It’s likely to be a new experience for most of you, so it provides an excellent starting point for conversations that will flow like fine wine throughout your Croatian experience.

Sail Croatia for something different - Visit wine regions in this amazing country

Ready to wine and dine your way through the incredible and unique vineyards of Croatia? Book your MedSailors Croatia holiday today!


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