7 Things To Do On Croatia’s Chillest Island, Mljet

By MedSailors Crew published on 3 April 2017

Mljet is known for its tranquillity and chilled atmosphere, but that certainly doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do on this part of your sailing trip!

Explore Croatia's sailing holiday options - Swim in warm summer seas

Although Odysseus is now usually associated with Malta, this cave was named after the legend suggested he was trapped here by island nymph Calypso after becoming shipwrecked nearby. Sail or follow a short hiking route (with very steep steps – don’t say we didn’t warn you!) to this secluded cave, where you and your BFFs can leap into crystal-clear water and swim inside the 20m long cave. At midday in the summer, the sunlight creates a rainbow of colours in the clear waters, which is 10/10 beautiful!

Kayak Across Translucent Salt Lakes

Honestly, you’ll head out for a quick paddle but you’ll probably only be tempted out by the idea of some delicious food and an ice-cold drink.

Snorkel the Adriatic’s Only Coral Reef on your Sailing Trip

The waters are so clear it’s like all your mermaid or merman dreams have come true!

Explore the Ruins of a Roman Palace

The small village of Polače is home to several ancient ruins, including a fort from late Antiquity and most notably a 5th century Roman Palace. Not something you get to see every day, is it?

Cycle Through the Pine Forest

Feel the breeze in your hair before stumbling across a crystal-clear lake and jumping in for a quick swim to cool off. Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

Float over to Sveti Marija on Your Croatia sailing holiday

St Mary’s Island may be small, but it’s home to a perfectly formed 12th century Benedictine monastery. Since then it has been rebuilt many times, with each remodelling adding interesting baroque and Renaissance inspired architectural touches. And if you’re lucky you’ll even get to see the resident donkeys!

Watch the Sun Set Over the Adriatic

After all, what better way could there be to round off your day on one of the most unspoilt islands in the Med on your Croatia sailing holiday?!

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