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7 Undeniably Compelling Reasons To Travel With MedSailors

By MedSailors Crew
on  July 15, 2018

Thinking of travelling with us? Here are 7 reasons why you totally should.

MedSailors sailing trips - What makes us different

Our Itineraries are Pretty Awesome

Not to build ourselves up too much, but we’re keen to make sure that you get to experience the very best of your chosen destination. From soaking in the sights to having a go at a variety of activities, we’ve got all of your adventuring, relaxing, and sightseeing needs sorted.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

A MedSailors sailing trip is a bit of a whirlwind, in the best possible way. You’ll be enjoying a leisurely brunch with your boat mates one minute, and paddle boarding, snorkelling, or strolling through charming village streets the next.

The Luxe Accommodation

Travelling in comfort is kind of our thing so whether you’re snoozing in bed, socialising in the communal lounge, or preparing snacks and drinks in the kitchen for an on-board evening cocktail party, it’s about time you indulged in a touch of luxury, don’t you think?

The Food

Easily one of the best parts of any holiday, whatever your food preferences we’ll ensure you get to taste the best regional flavours and dine in the finest cafés, eateries and restaurants.

Travel in Style on your MedSailors Sailing Trip

Feel like an actual movie star as you hop from stunning island to stunning island, soaking in the scenery and enjoying the best swimming spots en route.

It’s Party Time

It’s no secret that we know how to throw a pretty lit party, but we really want you to enjoy your trip in your own way. So whether you want to dance all night long at rooftop bars or sip a couple of cocktails as the sun sets, we’ve got you.

Connect with People You Otherwise Wouldn’t Ever Have Met

MedSailors holidays are all about the people you’ll meet and the new friendships you’ll forge. There might be a few tears shed at the end of your trip but you’ll have created some unforgettable memories together and, who knows… maybe this won’t be the end of your travel adventures together.

Sailing with MedSailors - Meet new people and form great bonds

Have we convinced you yet? Then why wait, book your MedSailors sailing holiday now!

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