8 of the Best Souvenirs to Bring Home from Your Travels

Finding a holiday memento that’s a bit more unique than the typical keychains and fridge magnets isn’t always simple, so here’s some souvenir inspo to get you started.

Sailing trip memory making - How to hang onto your amazing time away


If you’re still a magazine lover in this digital age, picking up a few local mags can be amazing travel keepsakes. Every time you pick them up you’ll remember flipping through the pages while sunning yourself in paradise. Lovely!

Shells and Rocks

Island seaside treasures can make super cute decorative features in your home. Just make sure you aren’t causing any damage to the local environment or pinching things from within protected areas!

Support Local Artists on your Sailing Trip

From small prints to large-scale posters and original pieces, whenever you look at a piece of art you will immediately find yourself transported back to the place you purchased it and remember how you felt in that moment.

Tea and Coffee

An everyday staple for many, if you’re holidaying in a country famous for its tea and/or coffee, you’re for sure going to want to take some home to refresh your morning routine.

Perfume/Home Fragrance

From perfume oils to incense, scents are incredibly evocative and have a way of taking you back to a very specific time and place. You might even find your signature scent on your sailing trip of a lifetime!


You can do a lot with a large square of fabric, even if you aren’t nifty with a sewing machine. From wall hangings to light summer blankets, this multi-functional souvenir will last you a lifetime.

Olive Oil, Herbs and Spices

Food is always one of the best parts of every getaway and if you’re feeling inspired to recreate some of your fave dishes, picking up a few local herbs and spices will come in very handy.


From cute teacups to handcrafted tiles and plates, ceramic items can liven up living spaces and act as a wonderful reminder of your time away. Be sure to wrap any breakables up well to avoid heartbreak when you unpack!

Make the most of your sailing trip - Take something home to remember your adventures

Start thinking of those travel trinkets you’ll collect on your MedSailors sailing holiday, you’ll have plenty to choose from!

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