8 Things You MUST Do In Athens
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8 Things You MUST Do In Athens

MedSailors Crew
By MedSailors Crew
on  January 25, 2017

With over 3,000 years of rich history and culture, it’s completely impossible to get bored in Athens. It’s true. Science says so. Now, your mission on your Athenian adventure, should you choose to accept, is to soak up as much of that magnificent history and culture under the Greek sunshine as humanly possible. Sound good? Let’s go!

1. The Acropolis and The Parthenon

Standing in the stunning Greek sunshine and looking up at the Acropolis is something you won’t ever forget. The Parthenon is the epitome of the splendour and majesty of Ancient Greece, wholly dedicated to the goddess Athena and widely seen as a lasting representation of democracy. It’s a must see!

2. The Acropolis Museum

It’s home to one of the most magnificent collections of art and other treasures from Ancient Greece, and be sure to swing by the surprisingly affordable café if you get a bit peckish because the food won’t disappoint.

3. Thiseion Cinema

Catching a film at one of the best outdoor cinemas in the world can’t be a bad way to spend a few hours, can it? As if it couldn’t get any better, you’ll probably be greeted by some local cats who will happily hoover up any dropped pieces of popcorn, which is brilliant!

4. Monastiraki Flea Market

This is the place to be if you’re looking for a unique memento. It’s open all week but is especially worth a visit at the weekends if you don’t mind dodging the crowds. While you’re in the area, have a wander into Psiri where you’ll find hidden galleries and an abundance of curious vintage shops.

5.  Anafiotika and Plaka

A stroll around the charming streets of these neighbourhoods will uncover beautiful hidden churches, tiny cafés with menus packed with traditional Greek food, and shops full of handmade treasures. Hadrian’s Library, constructed in 132 AD, can also be found in this part of Athens and is well worth a visit.

6. Mount Lycabettus

If you’re wondering whether a trip up the mountain is worth it, it is. Especially at sunset. Trust us!

7. Watch the Changing of the Guard at Syntagma Square

The guards change hourly every day, however an elaborate ceremony takes place at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier that draws crowds every single week at 11am each Sunday.

8. Art and Food

As you’re wandering around, don’t forget to admire the incredible street art around you and sample some of the best Greek food at every opportunity. Your Instagram feed will look colourful and super delicious!

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