9 Reasons To Travel When You’re Young

By MedSailors Crew published on 28 June 2018

You know, just in case you’re in the mood for a little temptation.

Travel while you are young - Go sailing and see the world while you can

1) #YOLO

An overused phrase? Definitely. But, tbh, it is true.

2) It’s the Perfect Time to Test Your Boundaries

You’re in your prime, you’re fit and strong, up for a challenge, and probably a tiny bit reckless. So, what better time to hop on board a luxe yacht, try new things, and challenge the boundaries of your comfort zone?

3) Travel is the BEST Education

See history come alive in front of your eyes, experience new cultures, flavours, and soak in incredible landscapes that look like something straight out of a dream.

4) You’ll Meet People Who Truly Get You

Travel pals are the actual best and let’s be real, you’re going to meet some pretty special ones on your MedSailors sailing holiday. Just saying.

5) Your Instagram will be #goals

In the process of making a ton of awesome memories, you’ll also snap A LOT of photographs. A stroll down memory lane is something you’ll definitely want to do in the future and your Inst feed from this time in your life will be on fire.

6) Bragging Rights

Imagine sitting back to watch Game of Thrones and being able to say that you’ve been to King’s Landing IRL. Pretty cool, huh?

7) Travel Looks Great on your CV

Employers love unique skills gained from international travel. From absorbing a new language to learning how to sail, you never know when your travel experiences might help you to secure the role of a lifetime.

8) Hello Memories

Being able to look back on the amazing things you had the opportunity to do, see, and experience is pretty cool. You’ll also gain some epic stories that you’ll be able to whip out during lulls in future conversations, too.

9) A MedSailors Sailing Holiday Might Change Your Life

Who knows, embarking on a week-long sailing holiday might turn into an around the world travel adventure or a radical reshaping of your entire future. Maybe you’ll ditch your city office job for a Mediterranean winery or teach English somewhere amazing.

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Why wait, hop aboard a MedSailors adventure while you’re young!

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