A Sailing Holiday vs Other Holiday Types

By MedSailors Crew published on 9 January 2015

There are few better ways to really experience a destination than a sailing holiday. But is it really that much better than any other kind of holiday? While any kind of holiday is of course a great experience, sailing holidays offer a number of advantages over most other types of getaway.

City Breaks and Beach Holidays
When taking a city break or beach holiday you usually choose one particular city, town or village and spend your entire holiday there. This has its advantages, but is different from a sailing holiday. It’s not so much a case of one being better or worse as each offering a different experience. With a single-destination holiday, you get to know one particular place in depth, but you do not get a taste for the variety that a whole country has to offer. Sailing holidays, on the other hand, give you the opportunity to visit a range of places. You may well get to know them less-well individually but you will take away a much better and more complete picture of a country’s overall character.


Touring Holidays
Touring holidays have a lot in common with sailing holidays, particularly since they also offer the chance to experience a variety of towns and cities and get a more complete picture of a country or region. However, the key advantage to sailing holidays lies in the level of comfort and luxury they offer. Touring holidays require you to spend a lot of time uncomfortably in transit, hauling your belongings from one place to the next. With sailing holidays, your luxurious room travels with you along a scenic coastline atop a glistening sea. This makes the entire travel experience far more pleasant.

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