A Visit to Poros When Sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew published on 19 October 2016

Sailing in Greece provides the perfect opportunity to visit all the best locations that the country has to offer, and one of those is the picturesque island of Poros. Actually made up of two islands, Poros is home to some of the most stunning cultural sights in all of Greece.

Sailing holiday sights - Sun setting over a Greek island

As with much of the country, the ancient myths that permeate Greece culture are on show in Poros. Indeed, the northern-most points of the islands are the location of the Sanctuary of Poseidon – the remains of the God’s ancient temple can be found here, and as such Poros is known as the island of Poseidon himself.

Away from such specific cultural landmarks, the main town itself offers much to enjoy when it comes to Greek architecture and history. Many of the buildings have been formed into the rolling hills themselves, and it is hard to miss the striking clock tower which oversees the island from its highest point.

And in amongst all of this unforgettable architecture and cultural significance, Poros manages to offer plenty when it comes to more modern holiday attractions. From its beautiful beaches you can enjoy a range of thrilling activities, from water-skiing to paragliding or wake-boarding, so make sure you don’t miss Poros on your next visit to Greece!

Sailing holidays to rememeber - Having fun in the sun
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