Avoiding Airport Stress Before Your Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew published on 5 August 2015

Some people love the buzz of an airport. But for others, the thought of waiting hours for a flight, getting through check-in and not falling foul of the security rules in place can conjure up feelings of stress and panic.

Your sailing holiday is meant to be enjoyed, so making the most of your time at the airport should ensure you are relaxed upon arrival and ready to board your boat and enjoy your break. Before you even get to the airport, it is worth doing your research. Check the entry requirements for your eventual destination, but also have a look online at what the airport has to offer. All airports vary in their facilities, so to avoid unwanted surprises it is best to check.

Sailing - Make your trip more relaxing

Setting off early in case of traffic jams or other delays is a must, and when you do arrive, the best thing to do is get checked in straight away. Then you should head to security. Doing your research here pays off too; you need to make sure electrical items are ready to be checked and that you have no forbidden items in your hand luggage, as otherwise you might face a delay.

Next it is a case of passing the time. It is a good idea not to stray too far from your flight’s assigned gate, but you should be able to fill the minutes browsing the duty-free shops or relaxing in a bar or café (depending on your airport’s facilities, of course).

The most important thing to remember is that stress often breeds stress. So if you find yourself surrounded by people who are less than relaxed in the airport environment, try to stay focused on what is ahead. And last but not least, don’t forget your passport!

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