Aerial photo of Massimos fortress cocktail bar in Korcula Croatia.

Best Bars in Greece and Croatia

By Ryan Brown published on 11 June 2024

Greece and Croatia offer some of the best bars and nightlife experiences in the Mediterranean. And yes, we mean experiences, as many hold something special that makes a night out on your MedSailors adventure much more unforgettable.

Between the four routes of Greece and Croatia, there are many unique spots to raise glasses and dance the night away to the best bangers and holiday anthems under kaleidoscopic shimmers from the disco balls. Ready for a night to remember? Let’s jump into the best bars in Greece and Croatia.

Best Boogie: Kiva Bar in Hvar, Croatia

Synonymous is an understatement for this one. This unforgettable island staple has been the top spot on Hvar for ages and is a must-do for anyone exploring on a sailing holiday in Croatia and looking for a party. Combining multiple bars in a narrow ancient Venetian alleyway, dance the night away to the top 100s and biggest hits while the laser lights bounce from the limestone walls, and you sip fishbowl cocktails and sing your hearts out to all those Abba hits. Don’t forget to surprise a friend with the “Military Shot”. 😉

People outside Kiva Bar in Hvar

Top Cocktails: Thanos Cocktail Bar in Ermioni, Greece

Clinging to the cliff sides of the rugged coastline in Ermioni, Thanos Cocktail Bar dishes out some of the tastiest cocktails in the Med. Thanos, who’s been making cocktails before he could see above the bar, shakes up vibrant and tasty concoctions to sip while you sit seaside, watching the waves

crash on the rocks below and enjoying a breathtaking sunset. These cocktails are top-notch and made all by hand with a love for the finest ingredients, tastiest flavour combinations, and intricate details to presentation. Our faves are the Espresso Martini and Red-Hot Chili Pepper.

Seaside cocktail bar in Ermioni Greece with artisan cocktails.

Craziest Concept: Massimo’s in Korcula, Croatia

What if we said you could enjoy a whimsical cocktail and an unforgettable sunset while sitting atop an ancient fortification looking out over the sea, surrounded by old Venetian villas and with a backdrop of high mountains? Yep, pretty awesome. To enter Massimo’s, you climb a ladder to the top of a 5th-century defensive tower, where they bring up your medieval-themed drinks by a pulley system and sip from goblets as the sun sizzles into the sea for a spectacular sunset not to miss.

Group of people doing a cheers with cocktails at sunset atop a fortress cocktail bat in Korcula Croatia

Best Day Drinking: Aponisos Blue Lagoon Bar: Agistri, Greece

Did someone say G&T…in a floating ring of hammocks…in an electric blue lagoon…on an island in Greece? Doesn’t that sound like the most epic spot for a sip and a dip with your best mates or new boat buddies while sailing Greece? Aponisos Beach on Agistri Island gets our vote for the best day drink locale. Agistri, translated to “fishhook”, is a place that hooks you in and keeps you wanting to come back, given its breathtaking hidden coves and secret beaches. Hop on an e-bike and cruise along the pine-lined coastline to Aponisos, an island resort of shallow blue waters with tiki loungers and cocktail service right to your chosen relaxation spot.

Floating hammocks and bar at Aponisos beach club in Agistri Greece

Most Unique: Deep Cave Bar in Makarska, Croatia

Imagine this: You go up to a bar in Croatia on one of your MedSailors stops and order your favourite drink, but wait, it’s at a bar tucked into a cave lit up neon and looking out at sea. We’d classify that as epic and voted it our most unique bar. On the MedSailors Croatia Discovery route, you stop off in Makarska, a coastal town known for its crystal-clear waters, white pebble beaches and picturesque Venetian village. Oh yeah, and Deep Bar, a music and bar venue built into a natural cave glowing under lights and echoing the best summer music sets. Grab a drink and sit by the illuminated waters or dance the night away to the top tunes spun by some of Croatia’s top DJs with the MedSailors crew that is bound to go down as a rare and unforgettable night out.

Club Deep, a cave bar in Makarska Croatia.

Best Views: Veranda Bar in Parga, Greece

Flanked on one side by the colossal ancient fortress of Parga and on the other with the glowing lights of the vibing seaside promenade, Veranda Bar is our pick for the best views. Sit on the top floor terrace sipping creative cocktails while looking out at the sea, taking in the colours of a sensational sunset with panoramic views of Parga. Parga is already a town that will leave you in awe, with pastel-hued villas crawling up the green mountainside surrounding the back. But admiring it after dark with the music going, the fortress lit up, and the town bustling below makes for a whole different experience.

Group of people doing a cheers with cocktails at a sunset rooftop bar in Parga Greece

Explore the Best Bars in Greece and Croatia this Summer!

Which Croatia or Greece destination bar caught your eye the most? With each route holding an unparalleled selection of unique nightlife, the only thing left to do is book your MedSailors holiday and count down the days until you’re sipping drinks under the sun!

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