Best Examples Of Greek Street Food

By MedSailors Crew published on 25 April 2017

Picture this: your MedSailors boat has just delivered you to the shores of your next destination and you’ve spent your morning exploring some of Greece’s most spectacular ancient architecture. You and your pals are feeling a little peckish now and you’re in need of a quick snack before heading for a wander around some beautiful boutiques tucked down a cute side street. You don’t yet know how much of a treat you’re in for, but allow us to help tempt you with some of the most delicious street food options you’ll have to choose from on your Greek island sailing holiday!

Greek island sailing - Street eats for foodie fans

Begin Your MedSailors Morning With Freshly Made Koulouri

These circles of bread sprinkled with sesame seeds or flavoured with feta cheese, olives or chocolate may look unassuming, but they’re so ridiculously tasty you won’t regret anything! Pick up one fresh out of the oven in the morning for the ultimate in koulouri deliciousness!

Sample Some Souvlaki or Delicious Greek Gyro

Tender pieces of meat and grilled vegetables, wrapped tightly in a freshly grilled pita wrap or flatbread and garnished with salad and a tzatziki sauce. One word: delish!

Fabulous Falafel

You knew this one was coming, right? But we couldn’t not include this Greek staple on our list! You’ll see lines for falafel all over Greece and it’s definitely worth waiting for. Our favourite falafel comes with a fresh, crisp salad with aubergines and two sauces; tomato and yoghurt. Oh, and we hear that falafel is a surprisingly great pick-me-up if you’ve got a bit of a sore head after a night on the town.

You MUST try Loukoumades

When you find yourself in need of a sweet treat, look no further than these little bites of pure heaven. Firstly, it’s impossible to go wrong with a doughnut, are we right or are we right? And secondly, when said doughnut is filled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and sesame seeds (or any other slightly less traditional topping of your choice!), it’s pretty much impossible to beat.

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