The Best Time of Year to Visit Croatia

By MedSailors Crew published on 19 January 2020

Written by guest Richard Jackson

Croatia is the dream destination for most travellers. The historic old Medieval towns, the stunning pebble beaches on the coast, and the turquoise, light, and calm waters of the Adriatic Sea all make Croatia one of the most charming and exciting places worldwide.

When planning for a trip to Croatia, it is essential to consider what the weather will be like to prepare beforehand on what to wear and the activities you want to get involved in. Croatia’s calm and beautiful oceans are among the best for beach lovers, swimming, and sailing. The official sailing season in Croatia is from May to October when temperatures are high, and the seawater is warm. Here is an exclusive look at the best time of the year to visit Croatia.


People who love festivals will adore being in Croatia in December as everybody goes out to celebrate the Christmas holidays. The weather is rainy and cold, but any city in Croatia still has a blast. The Dubrovnik Winter Festival comes alive in December. Being the capital city, Zagreb has more intense celebrations with Christmas markets being set up in the city square and lots of lights shining on the snow-covered streets.


This is a great vacation month to avoid huge crowds. It is hence the best month to visit Croatia on a budget as you will access cheap amenities, flights, and accommodation. The Snow Queen Trophy competition is done each January, and you can enjoy going down to Sljeme to experience the champions of the trophy. You will also have many cultural attractions for yourself in January.


February is the last month of winter in Croatia. However, this is the time to visit Croatia if you enjoy involving in local folk culture and partying. The feast of St. Blaise is done this week when the citizens revere their Dubrovnik patron saint in a ceremony that involves traditions, processions, delicious food, and concerts. The world-famous Rijeka Carnival also occurs in February, starting from mid-January all through to march.


The fascinating Zagreb festival of Lights occurs in mid-March hosting some spectacular light-projection party. The theme is always the same every year; renaissance lighting up the city with audiovisual installations. The weather is not the best for a beach holiday; hence, it will be a great time to visit the attraction sites in main cities, including Split and Dubrovnik.


The tourist calendar in Croatia starts in April when everything comes ultimately alive after the winter season. Hundreds of tourists start coming in with cruise ships for sailing, and the weather is ideal, not quite as hot. It is also the month that hosts the Easter festival, one of the most celebrated in Croatia. The weather is warm and calm. April also features some immense traditions with the best being Za Krizen procession that takes place in six villages and towns on the island of Hvar.


May marks the beginning of the swimming season. Average temperatures reach a pleasant level of about 21 degrees Celsius, which are ideal for heading out in the ocean for sailing. The ships begin to depart weekly, and you could be sure of soaking up the sun on the deck on your boat. The month starts with the May Bank Holiday, and all the coastal lounges become booked. Other festivals include Korcula Spring Food and Wine Festival, where the restaurants wok together to promote indigenous and authentic food and wine.

MedSailors guests swimming in Croatia


This month sees some pleasant weather for beach vacation ranging at 20 to 27 degrees. Everything is now completely open; the entertainment program is full, and the beaches are not very crowded. This is the best month to go to the beach before school finishes. INmusic festival happens this month, and music lovers cannot afford to miss it.


July is the best month for party lovers will all the nightlife in the cities. All night clubs have famous DJs performing through the night, and there are also party cruises sailing every morning to evening. The towns and beaches are overcrowded, and you can opt for Zlarin and Lopud, which are car-free islands. It is the hottest month with temperatures reaching up to 28 degrees, so ensure to pack your swim gear and beachwear. Don’t miss the Ultra -Europe music festival in Split that features the biggest electronic music festival.


This month is the peak summer month when more festivals are coming up. With more young tourists arriving, the life at the beach and night party unreaches the magic of Croatia. This is the best month to spend the day at the beaches enjoying swimming, sailing and all kind of fun. It is in august that Spancirfest, the largest street festival, is held in Varazdin.


As parents return to jobs and kids to schools, the huge masses quickly disappear. This month sees a great mix of few tourists and temperate climate as temperatures go down to become more favorable. The waters are still warm enough with the average sea temperatures at around 23 degrees. It is hence still good beach weather and shorts, sandals, t-shirts would be essential. You can take some time to attend the outlook festival in Pula.


As northern Europe turns sits focus on the long upcoming winter, the coast of Croatia still enjoys the Indian summer. The temperatures are still warm, with an average daily temperature of 18 degrees and a dip in the sea would still be ideal. With the temperatures a bit lower at night, you can carry a light jacket for in case. Locals also finally relax this month after a busy tourism season. The locals have time to tell you about the heritage of Croatians or how to prepare their dishes.


The weather is cool and wet; ideal for one to familiarize themselves with the Croatian culture. However, it’s not an ideal time for outdoor activities. On November 1, it is the All Souls Day when people remember ancestors and deceased family members. The Croatian graves are awash with candles and flowers in remembering their loved ones. The Saint Martin holiday on November 11 is another memorable day to experience.


Whether you are planning a winter, summer, fall, or spring vacation, Croatia offers everything for everyone from nightlife, beautiful beaches, ocean sailing, and swimming. Nobody wants to plan a beach vacation only to realize it will be windy or rainy most of the time. This guide will help you to decide the best time to visit Croatia for an epic sailing holiday.

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