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Our Favourite Travel Videos and Vlogs of MedSailors Adventures

By MedSailors Crew published on 7 April 2024

There's no better travel inspo than an epic video showcasing what awaits you in your dream destination. Travel videos are also the perfect way to get all the information you need to prepare for a . So, to stoke that adventure spirit for Summer 2024, we've compiled our favourite videos about our MedSailors trips. These videos can help you with hard decisions like which MedSailors route to embark on, what to pack, and more. Grab the popcorn, and let's dive in!

Backpacking Bananas:

Christianne is a MedSailors legend and has sailed a plethora of our routes. She also creates wonderfully fun vlogs from the trips and super informative guides on various topics that will give you all the info you need before booking and after. Check out a few of her videos below for a view of our MedSailors Ionian route, what it's like to sail on a catamaran, and what she recommends packing for your holiday.

Lilian Pang:

Lilian Pang creates spectacular showcases of the travel destinations she visits and happens to have sailed with MedSailors quite a few times as well. Her cinematic travel videos are captivating and give you a unique perspective of MedSailors sailing destinations. Watch her beautiful montage video from the MedSailors Ionian route to explore the most breathtaking sights to look forward to in this vibrant region of Greece.

Brogan Tate:

Brogan is full of great knowledge about travel and gives an in-depth vlog on what to pack for a MedSailors sailing holiday. She goes through everything you need to know, from the best type of luggage and the ideal clothing to bring, gadgets you should consider, and more.

Jake Hughes & Owain Ulyet

Our MedSailors Greece Saronic Route is packed with adventure, activities, and awesome sights to visit. Almost so much so that it's hard to put into words. But Jake and Owain take you through a visual feast of Greece's incredible and often overlooked regions. Explore the Saronic Islands with this video showcasing endless memories as the pair recap their experiences.

The Endless Adventure:

Eric and Allison take you through what it's like on a typical day on a MedSailors trip while sailing on a catamaran. Through a series of vlogs on our Greece Saronic route, they break down daily excursions and activities, boat life, epic Greek feasts, and unique sights.

Flying the Nest:

Are you thinking of sailing Croatia? Stephen and Jess of Flying the Nest walk you through the day-by-day of living on a boat for a week and exploring the best of the Dalmatian Coast. In a series of vlogs, they dive into each destination on our MedSailors Croatia Discovery route and their daily experiences.

Seize the Summer Days with MedSailors

Are you looking for more travel inspiration? Check out our blog page to explore more guides and destination features from all our MedSailors routes! Ready to seize the day this summer?  to secure your spot on a sailing adventure you'll never forget!

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