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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect MedSailors Yacht For You

By Ryan Brown
on  January 23, 2020

Whether it’s your first time sailing with MedSailors, or you’re a MedSailors legend collecting locations like Pokémon cards (do people still collect those?) you still might be on the edge about which type of yacht to choose for your next holiday.

Worry not, we’ve put together a nifty little guide to ease your mind and to help you and your friends with the task of choosing your adventure ride, what makes each MedSailors yacht class unique, and why one over the other might be better for you or your squad.

It can’t be that difficult to choose a boat, can it?

It can be overwhelming though, especially if it’s your first time choosing a boat on a sailing holiday. We feel that any yacht in our flotilla will give you a rad experience at sea, though you can maximize your sailing holiday experience and tick all of those comfort desires and adventure expectations by choosing the right yacht type for you. Whether it is sailing in mind, space in mind, or a bit of both — we have all the answers you need.

Time to walk the plank and decide which MedSailors yacht is the perfect pairing!

If you choose the Premier Monohull you are the type that…

If you choose premier monohull yacht (what you imagine when you think of a sailboat) you are the type that desires the pure sailing holiday vibe with the take-the-helm-and-get-your-lean-on kind of mentality.

You want what you’ve always imagined when you see yourself on a sailboat — wind puffing up the sails, boat on a tilt, and you or your group of mates sitting on the edge of the boat feeling that sensational rush of trying to dip your toes in the water as the yacht slices through the waves. It’s okay, the Titanic moments are fully acceptable here so get on the bow, spread your arms out, and feel the spray of the sea.

The premier monohull yachts are also perfect for those with a budget in mind while saving cash for the in-country experiences, culinary delights, and nights out on the town. It’s an ideal match for any solo travelers or groups that don’t mind closer quarters and delight at the opportunity to get to know the rest of the boat, those of you who want to learn the ropes, and truly give sailing a go.

Top Points:

— More of a traditional sailing experience

— More of a budget-friendly option

MedSailors Premiere Monohull

If you choose the Catamaran you are the type that…

If you choose the catamaran yacht (those boats with two hulls and the rad netting in the middle) you or your group are the type that want all the room for activities and are more keen for a chill-out space versus the sailing sensation.

With the catamaran, two hulls mean you get heaps of space for everyone to stretch out and get comfy, dabble in boat yoga, plenty of surface area for nightly card games, chill out areas in the front and rear, get into some karate on the bow, and whatever else you can think of. Soon you and the crew will be shouting “did we just become best friends?” with the group in no time. You name it, you have the space to do it.

Though a catamaran might not give you the same sailing vibes as a monohull since they don’t get that lean on, they often offer a smoother ride at sea for those of you worried about possibly getting seasick. But don’t worry, you can still have the same glorious moments of taking the helm, donning that sailor cap, and shouting “I’m the captain now!” while learning to sail all the same.

Top Points:

— More room for activities and heaps of space — Smoother ride, less sailing sensation
— Great choice for whole boat bookings

MedSailors Catamaran Net

If you choose the (NEW) Superior Monocat you are the type that…

If you choose the mono-cat yacht type, you want the newest and most unique boat type in the MedSailors fleet and a yacht that offers the best of both worlds. These are swanky and fresh 2020 boats that have Transformers-like feels such as modular communal spaces with the ability to be changed from table-top to large sofas.

The mono-cat is also perfect for solo-travellers who fancy having their own cabin as it is the only yacht type to offer a single bed cabin style and doubles that transform into bunk rooms if needed. You still get that sailing feel as they are much like a traditional sailing yacht and with good wind and sails up you’ll be heeling in no time, but the mono-cats are specifically thought up with holiday mode needs in mind like loads of charging ports and the entire area below deck as living of chilling out space.

Top Points:

— Best of both premier yacht and catamaran yacht types — Sailing vibe with tons of living space
— Great choice for solo travellers

MedSailors Monocat

Found the perfect match for you or your crew? Book your MedSailors sailing holiday soon and get to ticking off those calendar days!

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