Choosing the Best Gadgets for Your Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew published on 30 November 2015

The holiday gadget market is bigger than ever, but which are the best ideas to really enhance your sailing holiday?

One of the great joys about a boating getaway is lying on deck listening to music and escaping to a world of your own. But what if you want to share your favourite holiday tunes with your fellow sailors? Plenty of companies are now marketing a multi-port headphone splitter which allows more than one person to enjoy the sailing playlist – perfect for lazy days on board your boat or relaxing on the beach.

Sailing trips - getting involved

Speaking of the beach, advances in technology now mean that bags you take to the seafront no longer have to come back to the boat with tonnes of pesky unwanted sand. Companies are looking to the genius of the military to develop beach bags which actually repel sand – leaving your belongings grit-free.

And when it comes to baggage going through the airport, how about a suitcase that doubles as a scooter? Neatly folding into the body of the case itself, the newly developed scooter bag could make getting round the airport terminals a breeze.

Of course, there is more to a sailing holiday than the gadgets that might come with it, but they can make your getaway even more special.

Sailing to see sights - Ocean views
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