Choosing the Perfect Destination for Your Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew published on 4 March 2015

We offer sailing holidays to three amazing destinations: Greece, Turkey and Croatia. They are all chosen because they have a wealth of wonderful things to offer, but each of these destinations is unique and has its own distinctive set of attractions. It is important to think carefully before deciding which is right for your sailing holiday.

Common Ground
Firstly, there are a few things that they all offer. Each of these destinations is home to some stunning scenery, including some absolutely wonderful beaches. They all have soft sands, plentiful sunshine and warm, blue, calm waters. They are also united by the fact that Greece, Turkey and Croatia all offer fantastic variety. Whether you want a relaxing getaway, a great big party, an adventure holiday or a combination of them all, you will be at home in any of these destinations.

History is one of the things that makes Greece stand out. While all three destinations have their share of historical attractions, Greece is the undisputed king of the history buff’s holiday. The Acropolis of Athens and the ruined Temples of Aphaia and Poseidon are particular highlights. It is also home to a party atmosphere that would put most other destinations across the world to shame.


Turkey is the great cultural destination of the three. With its fascinating synthesis of European and Asian cultures, combined with a distinctive character all its own, Turkey is an exotic destination and a great place to immerse yourself in local cultures. Key cultural experiences to enjoy include haggling at a bazaar or sampling the offerings of traditional eateries.

Croatia is the place to go for something different. It offers a holiday experience unlike any other, with a number of truly unique experiences to enjoy. You can walk the wonderful streets of Dubrovnik, inspiration of artists and location for the filming of Game of Thrones, enjoy the nightlife of Hvar or tour a vineyard to discover Croatia’s wine-making heritage, to name just a few of the unique experiences on offer.

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