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Croatia Sailing All Year Round?

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 04, 2016

Croatia Sailing All Year Round?

With its long hot summers and relatively mild winters, it is no wonder that Croatia is such a popular place for tourists. So if the winter weather where you are is getting you down, why not consider the lure of a Croatia sailing trip?

Sailing in Croatia - Discover seasonal delights
Sailing Croatia’s seas is probably the best way to see the country, as its climate on the coast is the most favourable. The summer days in particular are beautifully hot – perfect for soaking up the sun either on shore or on board and even better for relaxing or partying long into the night. Not only that, but the soaring daytime temperatures make taking a dip in the Mediterranean a great experience, as the waters are always welcoming and warm. And for the more adventurous holiday-makers, conditions are also perfect for indulging in snorkelling and a range of other water-based activities.

But summer is not the only time to enjoy a sailing holiday in Croatia. The coastal climate means that the months around the summer – and even some of those in winter – continue to be perfectly pleasant. Of course, if you are venturing inland outside of the peak summer months, be prepared for a slightly cooler climate – but an equally warm welcome and brilliant time.

Visiting Croatia - More than just a sailing destination

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