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Croatia Sailing And Enjoying The Nightlife On Hvar

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 10, 2017

The islands of Croatia have long been popular with both novice and experienced sailors, and with some of the most varied and interesting islands in all of the Mediterranean, it isn’t hard to see why. And for many people embarking on a Croatia sailing adventure, it is the island town of Hvar that proves to be the biggest draw – but what is so special about this location?

Sunny summer sailing in Croatia - Enjoy after dark activities in Hvar

Well, for some it will no doubt be the historically significant architecture that peppers the town, but for others there is a slightly louder, livelier reason for their visit – the fact that Hvar is now considered the number one party destination in all of Europe.

It isn’t just the venues themselves that make Hvar such a popular place for a night out – it is the stunning surroundings that they are set in. The beaches that line the coast of Hvar town are absolutely perfect. With golden sands and clear blue seas, it makes the transition from daytime relaxation to night-time partying truly memorable. And these sandy shores also provide the perfect location to recover (if need be) from the night before.

During the summer months, the atmosphere on the island becomes incredibly lively, and if you choose a sailing holiday in Croatia, you can see for yourself why Hvar is known as “the town that never sleeps”.

Spend the summer sailing in Croatia - See all that islands have to offer

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