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Croatia Sailing: Enjoying Local Cuisine

By MedSailors Crew
on  July 17, 2015

Croatia has a rich and varied culinary history, making it a great holiday choice for food lovers. If you are looking for something casual, you will want to head to either a ‘konoba’ or a ‘gostiona’; both of these styles of establishment offer a range of food in a relaxed style. More formal dining can be found in the country’s ‘restorans’.
Sail Croatia for the cuisine - local delights
Locals tend to have their main meal in the middle of the day rather than in the evening, but businesses in Croatia are more than used to tourists wanting things the other way around. As a result of this, many eateries provide an all-day mezze or tapas style of dining that suits both visitors and natives. Opting for small portions of meat, vegetables and seafood dishes is a great way to sample Croatian dining at its best. But what exactly can you expect to find on your plate?

Dried meats are very popular in Croatia, so trying some of the country’s cured ham is a must. Other popular meats include pork and veal served in a variety of ways. Often cutlets come fried in breadcrumbs and filled with ham and cheese – more often than not, though, they are simply grilled to perfection. Lastly, you cannot go on a Croatia sailing trip without trying the local seafood; knowledgeable restaurant staff will be able to advise you as to what is best at a particular time of year.

As a country that is influenced by both Central European and Mediterranean cuisine, Croatian food really can’t be missed.

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