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Croatia Sailing Holidays: The Wonders of Hvar

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 20, 2015

The island of Hvar is one of the absolute highlights of the Croatia sailing experience, and one of the most enjoyable destinations you are likely to encounter. There are a number of very different but equally wonderful attractions on offer in Hvar.

The Nightlife
Hvar Town is one of the finest nightlife spots in Croatia and is one of Europe’s finest party destinations. Once the sun starts to set, head into town (a water taxi is the most fun way to travel) and you’ll find it easy to join the party. Hvar’s nightlife is something you will always remember about your Croatian getaway.

The History
Hvar is an island with a rich history, and there are many fascinating sites and attractions from centuries gone by. You will have the opportunity to wander among ancient ruins or explore the impressive churches that were built on the island in the medieval period. You can also admire the imposing might of Tvrdalj Castle, which dates back to the sixteenth century.

The Scenery
Hvar is also a place with some wonderful scenery. The wonderful beaches which characterise so much of the Croatian coast are definitely part of the landscape. So are beautiful green hills dotted with trees, as well as rocky cliffs and jagged peaks. The towns on the island are just as scenic as the natural landscape and have a charming and distinctive architectural style.

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