Croatia Vs Greece: Greek coastline

Croatia Vs Greece: Which Destination Is Right for You?

By MedSailors Crew published on 14 February 2024

Finally, the moment is here! You’re on your laptop, and the excitement is building about that adventure you’ve daydreamed about all winter. It’s time to click “book” and get that sailing holiday sorted for 2023, but wait, which sailing route is right for you? Your finger hovers over the options for a moment—would you prefer a Croatia or Greece sailing holiday? Sweat forms on your brow, and a bit of second-guessing washes over.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, and both countries offer countless incredible moments. Croatia vs Greece is a tough decision if you’re on the fence. Both destinations are some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, and we know you want to maximise your experience.

Additionally, there are a couple of different routes to choose from in both countries, each with unique characteristics and experiences. Worry not! We want this choice to be easy peasy without disrupting your excitement building for summer 2023. We’ve put together a guide to help you choose whether Croatia or Greece is right for you.

What Are the Main Differences Between Croatia and Greece?

Ultimately this isn’t a question of which destination is better, as both are a win-win in our minds. Instead, consider some factors that could sway your decisions, such as what you’ll see, do, eat, and even your budget.

The Sights

Do you want classic Greece vibes of villas stacked on stark and dramatic landscapes? You may envision pristine Venetian-built villages and towns lining a pine-covered coastline. Do mythology and ancient (and we mean ancient) ruins tickle that history nerd living inside, or are you dreaming of whimsical places straight out of a fairy-tale?

Pick Croatia if you’re looking for larger towns of imposing fortifications, labyrinthine laneways to get lost in, or breath-taking national parks. Choose a Greece vacation package to enjoy slightly smaller villages bursting with charm. Greece offers easy-to-explore areas along the coast and rich local hospitality with ancient history under every step.

Croatia Voyager top sights: Mljet National, Korcula Old Town

Croatia Discovery top sights: Vis Town, Makarska Cave Club

Greece Saronic top sights: Hydra Island, Epidaurus Ancient Theatre

Greece Ionian top sights: Parga Fortress, Blue Caves, Triptos Arch

The Food

We know the true travel companion is our taste buds, so best to please them! One of the biggest differences between destinations is the food, yet this can vary even between some routes in the same country.

Greece is world-famous for its cuisine. The country boasts a vibrant barrage of colours and flavours either locked within the handheld glory of gyros or across a magnificent table-teetering mezze spread.

On the other hand, Croatia holds tantalising Dalmatian cuisine. Enjoy mouth-watering meats and sensational seafood dishes that go unmatched in the Mediterranean.

Hit Greece for feasts and budget-friendly bites that are a bit more vegetarian-friendly. Choose Croatia for button-bursting meals of slow-cooked meats, seafood, and Italian-themed fare.

Croatia Discovery top eats: Hvar Street food scene, Supetar fusion cuisine

Croatia Voyager top eats: Hora Farm organic experience, Korcula seafood peka

Greece Saronic top eats: Perdika mezze feasts, cheap & cheerful gyros

Greece Ionian top eats: Beach BBQ on Iggy Beach, Lakka Corfiot cuisine

The Activities

Are you a bit of an adrenaline junkie looking for rip-roaring water sports to laugh until it hurts? Or do you enjoy pedal-powered excursions through pine forests and turquoise lakes? Your ultimate vacation may include wine tastings in sun-soaked valleys or seaside discos to dance the night away.

Our sailing holidays in Croatia boast plenty of land-based activities. Explore the mountainous and pine-lined coast, from e-biking in Mljet National Park to scooter excursions in Vis and Defender Jeep tours of WWII bunkers.

Greece holds many mind-blowing historical experiences. Admire the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros to sunsets atop ancient fortresses and wicked water sports on both routes.

Croatia Discovery top activities: Vis Island tour, Makarska cave club night
Croatia Voyager top activities: E-biking Mljet National Park, Korcula watchtower cocktails

Greece Saronic top activities: Poros water sports, e-biking to Agistri’s blue lagoon, Ancient theatre

Greece Ionian top activities: Parga Fort sunset hike, Iggy Beach water sports, Triptos Arch

The Vibe

While we think a week on a sailboat around the beautiful blue bays of the Med—in either Greece or Croatia—is an epic vibe. Each destination has a slightly different experience that may fit your needs.

Croatia is well known for its legendary nightlife, island clubs, and beach bars, whereas Greece is known for its more intimate seaside disco bars and cocktail terraces. Each route holds its own pace, with some spending more time at sea while others have more activities to take part in on land.

Croatia Discovery vibe: Our Croatia Discovery route is great for those wanting to see some of the best sights in Croatia. The route sticks to more towns and hotspots for nightlife, balanced with long days at sea and time to explore on land. Eat your way through ancient Venetian towns with mountainous backdrops, plenty of activities, and dips into breath-taking bays.

Croatia Voyager vibe: It’s all in the name, as Croatia Voyager routes are primarily about the journey. The voyage includes a mix of small seaside villages, nights in national parks, and experiences in bigger islands like Hvar. See some of Croatia’s most breath-taking natural areas, remote bays, and awe-inspiring towns at a slower pace. Take a break from relaxing on the water and enjoy a boogie in historic towns like Korcula and Hvar. This trip makes for an amazing balanced holiday.

Greece Saronic vibe: These islands hold soul-based disco balls and the latest bangers, offering a great opportunity to let loose. Enjoy amazing music bars while avoiding the masses. This route also holds rich hospitality and some of the best and most budget-friendly eats in town, rich with history and myth. The Saronic has the beauty of the Aegean Sea, the charm of ancient Greece, wallet-friendly feasts, and plenty of activities not to miss.

Greece Ionian vibe: The Greece Ionian route became one of the most popular Greek destinations, and for a good reason. It has vibrant and mountainous green islands and dramatic seascapes of chalk-white cliffs. The sparkling turquoise waters and ancient Venetian architecture are outstanding. It’s an amazing mix of long days at a relaxed pace, finishing in bigger towns where you can explore, let loose, and dance the night away.

Croatia Vs. Greece? You’re Bound to Love Any Choice You Make!

The only decision left is to book your MedSailors sailing holiday today and start ticking off those calendar dates until summer 2023 arrives!

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