Does Croatia Sailing Get Any Better Than This?

By MedSailors Crew published on 10 April 2015

Situated just far enough away from the crowds in Dubrovnik, the Croatian island of Korcula offers a microcosm of the city’s appeal whilst providing something quite different for holiday makers. Some actually call it a miniature Dubrovnik, while others describe it as the Venice of Croatia, but however it is referred to the aesthetic appeal of the island is undisputed.

Sailing holidays in Croatia - The beauty of Korcula

But if phrases such as “unspoiled beauty” and “timeless heritage” make you want to drift off, do not be fooled: there is more to Korcula than meets the eye.

For along with the sparkling blue sea, the perfectly sandy beaches and the uniquely preserved ancient architecture, Korcula is home to a huge variety of enticing water sports. In Croatia sailing is a big business, so whatever you want to try, the chances are Korcula will provide you with the opportunity. And it is not just the average or everyday that is on offer – many organisations offer high-octane, extreme water sports to challenge even the most adventurous of thrill-seekers.

And if all the excitement becomes a little too much, rest assured that the many secluded bays and secretive coves offer the ultimate in relaxation for sailors of all abilities.

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