Don’t Let Sickness Sink Your Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew published on 3 July 2015

For many who suffer from sea-sickness, the dream of a sailing holiday can turn into something of a nightmare. And others may find they reject the idea completely, suffering from the presumption that a tendency for motion sickness would leave them unable to even make the first tentative steps on board. Although it is not a dangerous illness, sea-sickness can really get in the way of people’s enjoyment.

The causes of the problem are disputed, but the issue itself is incredibly common. Scientists suggest that it is not just the motion of the waves under the boat that can cause difficulties, but that there is often a psychological barrier that sufferers need to combat if they are going to beat sea-sickness; indeed, for some the very suggestion of nausea can bring on a bout of illness.

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But if you are a sufferer who doesn’t want to miss out on everything a sailing holiday has to offer, what can you do? In addition to a number of drug-based remedies, there are a number of more organic solutions that could leave you free to enjoy your break without relying upon chemicals to do so. Alongside products such as wristbands that apply pressure in such a way as to relieve nausea, there are even simpler solutions: apples, for example, are a natural cure for sickness, and ginger in all its forms is another natural way to enjoy life on deck.

Of course, everyone is different. But for those who are concerned about motion sickness holding them back, they should be assured that there are ways to get them on board and enjoying their holiday as they should be.

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