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Enjoy New Experiences on a Greece Sailing Adventure

By MedSailors Crew
on  July 23, 2015

Holidays are a great opportunity to try something new. And even if you have given water-skiing a go before, experiencing the activity in the crystal-clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea is something that cannot be missed.
Sailing holiday activities - optional extras
Newcomer or otherwise, remembering the best ways to approach water-skiing can mean making the most of the opportunity. First and foremost, you must remember the correct stance: it sounds a bit painful, but the best position for water-skiing is with your knees touching and almost up against your chest. Once you have mastered this, your arms need to be outstretched straight ahead with both hands gripping the rope in front. Holding this position is the best way to stay safe – and upright – when water-skiing during your Greece sailing break.

Whilst skiing, it is important to remember health and safety. It may well be that you are an expert swimmer, but even those who consider themselves very confident in the water need some sort of life jacket or equivalent. With health and safety in mind, deliberately getting in the way of or splashing others in the water is a no-no when it comes to water-skiing etiquette.

And last but not least? Make sure you are in the right frame of mind for such an adrenaline-fuelled adventure. A clear head is needed if you are going to stay safe out on the water, so save the cocktails for after the water-skiing is done.

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