The European Gem That Needs To Be On Your Bucket List For 2020

By Alicia Sharp published on 2 January 2020

Here at MedSailors, we’re all about finding new hidden gems to sail around and explore. With glittery untouched beaches and quaint medieval towns, Montenegro should definitely be on your bucket list… here’s why we think you should head there sooner rather than later!

Spoiler alert: bring your camera and sense of adventure, it’s going to be epic.

It’s not on everyone’s radar… Yet!

With the tranquil beaches of Montenegro not yet polluted with sunburnt tourists, now is the time to head there!

This undisclosed paradise gets few tourists which means way more room to breathe and enjoy the scenery. Exploring a deserted beach or hiking through the rolling mountains, watch the world go by and enjoy the authentic local cuisine without a person in sight.

However, it’s safe to say that it probably won’t be long before the beauty of this place is realised.

Montenegro Coastline

The sailing conditions are idyllic

If you want to get even further away from the tourist track, what better way to explore Montenegro than by yacht. With 250 days of sun a year and 180 miles of coastline (50 of which are secluded beaches to plant your tush on) sailing around the coast is an indescribable way to see Montenegro.

Collect an endless supply of grams

With breathtaking landscape, turquoise waters and cute medieval towns, these snaps will not only remind you of the memories but are guaranteed to bring in all those likes! From wonderful palaces and impressive museums to tile monasteries and little indie shops, cue a stream of “wow where is this!” comments.

Discover incredible history and culture

Breathtaking beauty aside, Montenegro has some of the most fascinating historical sites in Europe that date all the way back to the 12th century.

With cities and towns as old as Greece, it’s all about poetry, music, and dance here (which we reckon is the perfect combo). From as far back as the Stone Age, Montenegro’s residents have enriched the city with so much culture it will dazzle you.

It won’t break the bank

Feast on mouthwatering Italian-inspired cuisine for a culinary awakening and more bang for your buck. Unlike Western Europe, the price of a full lavish meal in these parts can go for as little as £10.

However, we can’t promise this won’t change as the trend catches on! Also, with the price of hotels along Kotor starting to get a little costly, being rocked to sleep in a yacht is the way to go.

There really is something for everyone

If you’re a sucker for mother nature, this is the place for you. Discover a new way of life hiking through Durmitor National Park, home to lush forests and some out of this world waterfalls, or watch the sunset on the beach while enjoying a tasty seafood dish. If you’re a bit of a party animal, Budva is a magnificent medieval walled city known for its awesome nightlife and art scene.

Whether you’re a born sailor or scenery seeker, you might find it harder to think of reasons NOT to visit Montenegro this summer.

If you’re feeling inspired to explore one of Europe’s truly hidden gems, join us in 2020… but shhh don’t spill the beans on this paradise to everyone!

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