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Exploring Athens When Sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  October 07, 2015

The city of Athens is recognised the world over. Named for the goddess Athena, the city is rich in culture and history. But aside from the obvious landmarks such as the Acropolis, what else should you see when sailing in Greece and visiting Athens?
Greek sailing - Sightseeing tips
It may seem odd to suggest spending time in museums when so much of the city itself is historically significant, but Athens is packed with free-to-visit exhibitions that bring the vibrant past of the area to life.

Another thing celebrated across the city is Athens’ claim to be the birthplace of theatre and entertainment as we know it. Everything from how theatres look to what we enjoy watching has its roots in the architecture and culture of Greece’s capital city. Traditional Greek theatre was based on comedies and tragedies, just like those we enjoy now, and with over 100 stages still present in the city the art of performance remains a big part of Athenian life.

And last but not least, there is the Olympic Games – a truly international event, the impact of which can be seen across modern Athens. In fact, sport in all its forms is a big part of the Greek lifestyle, so if you have the time you could spend it visiting some of the many historically significant stadia in the city.

With such a varied history and so much to see, it is no wonder that Athens remains such a popular destination for so many tourists from all corners of the world.

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