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Film Locations You Can Experience With MedSailors

By Ryan Brown
on  December 22, 2019

Hey you, yes you! We have a secret to tell you. Come in close. Closer. Okay, here goes — MedSailors knows how to get you onto the set of movies and tv shows. Alright, we’ll be honest, we can’t get you in the movies and shows, but we can get you to some amazing destinations where they were filmed, and with a bit of imagination you’ll melt right into the scene.

Do you fancy yourself a bit of a film buff? Or do you simply love visiting places that are so breathtaking they could be (or most likely have been) in movies? Lucky for you, MedSailors happens to sail to heaps of locations where some of the biggest recent movies and television series have been filmed for you to live out that dream from the silver screen.

Want to know more? We thought so.

The main star stealing the Hollywood spotlight is Croatia, who’s entrancing fortified towns surrounded by the dazzling turquoise waters and soaring mountain backdrops make it a hot destination for movie and TV film locations.

From real-life stories to fantasy realms and science fiction, Croatia has played a role in many different genres. And it’s not just recent movies and shows, Croatia has been starring in cinema since the early days of cinema, with classics like Fiddler on the Roof and Orson Welles’s The Trial in the mid-1900s.

Grab your imagination, we’re going on set.

Doctor Who — Trogir

Step out of the blue police booth TARDIS (or the yacht) and head into the historic town of Trogir, where a few episodes of one of Britain’s most beloved television shows was filmed. With the enormous stone watchtowers looming overhead and defensive canals with perfectly persevered Venetian fortifications surrounding this beautiful town, it’s no wonder they chose it to play the part of Venice in Italy for the extraterrestrial Time Lord to teleport to.

When kicking off your week with MedSailors Croatia Discovery or Voyager route (starting or ending in Trogir) this town filled with old-world charm, enchanting stone laneways, and medieval squares is one place not to miss.

Trogir, Croatia

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again — Vis Island

Are you wondering what the heck we are talking about right now? Mama Mia is a film that takes place in Greece, right? Correct, but the sequel was actually filmed on the island of Vis! Vis Island is one of the stops on our MedSailors Discovery route, taking you to a place with a sprawling history and closed off from the world for decades as a military base. It’s very very cool here.

Right when you step off the boat and onto the smooth limestone town quay, you’ll be looking at the marketplace closed in by the tan stone walls of the Venetian era villas straight from the movie. Stick some wooden boxes with Greek writing on them and BAM! More scenes were filmed on the opposite side of the island in the town of Komiža which is just as magical and also another stop on the Discovery itinerary.

How about that scene in a stunning secluded bay with a pebble beach? You know, with all the singing and dancing? That would be Stiniva Bay, accessible by a scooter ride and hike down a cliffside, but voted one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches.

Top Tip: Vis Island is one of the best wine scenes in Croatia, and during a wine grape blight that hit Europe, it was the only place that produced wine for nearly 100 years! Get sipping while exploring these Mama Mia scenes!

Stiniva bay, Vis

Game of Thrones — Dubrovnik, and Split

Many of you might have been waiting for this one to grace the list, and Game of Thrones mania is very apparent in both Split and Dubrovnik. Both towns ooze fantasy with the high-stone bell towers, enormous arched gateways leading your through the mesmerizing maze of ancient alleyways, and shops with replica iron thrones and dragons popping from the windows are numerous.

You’ll be able to get lost in King’s Landing and play out scenes from your favourite episodes. The Pile Gate, which is most likely the entrance you’ll use to get into Dubrovnik Old Town, featured prominently in scenes of GoT like Joffrey’s mob attack. The West Pier is another biggie, located in a small inlet outside the old town where the scene’s on the familiar long stone pier of King’s landing take place. Minceta Tower is the massive stone tower watching over Dubrovnik that played the role of The House of the Undying. And of course, you can’t forget about the Walls of Dubrovnik.

Just outside of Split, you have Kliss Fortress built atop a mountain that was the scene for Qarth and Meereen.

Basically, you can wander Split or Dubrovnik and around almost every corner will be a scene popping into your mind!

Top Tip: Though it’s become a huge draw for tourists, you can still discover many of these film locations in Split or Dubrovnik and be completely alone by setting out early in the morning before the GoT tour groups swarm.

Dubrovnik West Pier

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi — Dubrovnik

Stradun, the main strip of Dubrovnik’s sprawling market street, featured in scenes of Star Wars Episode VIII for the location of the galactic gambling town of Canto Bight and it’s wild space horse stampede scene.

That’s a wrap! Ready to turn fantasy into reality and visit some of these locations from the big (and small) screen? Book your MedSailors holiday today!

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