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Gradina Bay Is #travelgoals, Here’s Why It’ll Be A Sailing Trip Highlight

By Lucy Bradley
on  April 21, 2018

It’s no coincidence that Gradina Bay has made it on to almost every ‘best of Croatia’ list there is. One of the most popular destinations on our Croatia Discovery sailing trip itinerary, tagging your Insta snaps with #travelgoals is pretty much a requirement here.

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The Vibe is a Solid 10/10

Surrounded by fragrant pine forests and olive groves and sheltered from strong westerly winds by the small island of Gubeša, this idyllic island paradise has been an anchor point and port for centuries. Laidback and totally picture perfect, a wave of calm will hit you as soon as you arrive.

Lose All Track of Time in your Uh-mazing Surroundings

If you’re looking for peak relaxation you’ll find it in Gradina Bay, but there’s also enough going on to ensure you aren’t ever left twiddling your thumbs looking for something to do.

The Turquoise Waters are Shallow, Calm and Crystal Clear

Perfect for swimming and snorkelling, now is the time to grab your GoPro and head out for a dip. Look out for the remnants of an ancient Roman bridge beneath the waves, and you might even find a few fragments of Roman pottery there too. Otherwise, well, there are worse ways to spend an afternoon than gently floating in calm, pure waters in idyllic surroundings.

Say Hello to the Sunshine on your Sailing Trip

You know what lots of sunshine means – some pretty epic sunsets! If you want to make your pals back home a bit jealous, Gradina Bay will make that task a total breeze.

Bring your Appetite to your Croatia Discovery Adventure

Local family-run restaurants have menus packed with Croatian specialities that have been honed over the decades and make the most of the region’s celebrated flavours. The seafood, naturally, is tantalizing, and it’s impossible to go wrong with any lobster or crab-based plate of deliciousness. You can also expect some incredible BBQ steak dishes, along with an array fresh olives and amazing locally produced wines. Bet you’re feeling peckish already tbh!

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