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Greece Sailing Has So Much to Offer

By MedSailors Crew
on  July 03, 2015

Greece has always been a popular choice for sailing holidays, and it isn’t hard to see why. Because of its situation in the Mediterranean Sea, there are literally hundreds of islands to explore. And with each set of land masses offering something different for the sailor, you can never tire of island-hopping around Greece.
Experience sailing in Greece - Sunset views
The Saronic Gulf is home to islands such as Hydra and Spetses, offering perfect stop-off points on any Greece sailing getaway. Many of these islands have inspired great artists over the years, and with the waters in these parts slightly more gentle than elsewhere, it can be a great place to cut your sailing teeth.

Providing seclusion and tranquillity, the Sporades Islands are famed for their golden beaches and perfect sailing conditions. The safe waters that surround the islands make for a truly peaceful and relaxing sailing break.

Home to some of Greece’s most famous destinations, the Cyclades Islands are slightly livelier in more ways than one. Nightlife is vibrant here, and so is the water, so making sure you have the help of an experienced sailor is a must.

Whether it is local delicacies, exciting nights out or historical landmarks that you are after, island-hopping around Greece means you can do it all.

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