Greece Sailing Holidays Are Open for Business!

By MedSailors Crew published on 6 July 2015

As it’s headline news, it is difficult to avoid the problems facing the Greek government this summer. But how are national events impacting on sun-seeking holiday-goers?

The short answer is there has been very little difference. Greece’s tourism industry is experienced, robust and resilient, so the country is still managing to fulfil the needs of those enjoying a Greek getaway. With this being the case, travel companies are advising anyone who already has chosen or is considering choosing Greece for their summer holiday to go right ahead.

Sailing in Greece - Is it a good idea to travel?

However, there are some extra precautions that holiday-goers may want to think about before they embark on their trip. Government advice says that travellers should take plenty of cash with them in order to cover any emergency costs. This is partly because some ATMs are currently being overworked and also because some restaurant proprietors and shop owners are preferring to deal in cash transactions until the overall financial situation becomes more clear.

But this is one of the major benefits of choosing a Greece sailing holiday – with many meals prepared on board and your cabin providing the safest place for storing your cash and belongings, it can be the perfect solution. And the overall message is clear: Greece is open for business and ready to be enjoyed.

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