Greece Sailing Holidays by Day and by Night

By MedSailors Crew published on 14 April 2015

With the picture-perfect scenery of its numerous idyllic islands, Greece is for many the perfect destination for a getaway. But when the sun goes down, Greece has another draw for eager holiday makers: its unrivalled nightlife.

One of the more southerly sailing points in the country is Spetses. Popular with Athenians who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the island’s old port is the beating heart of the area’s rich and varied after-dark entertainment. And this melting pot of restaurants, bars and clubs reaches its peak during the summer months, with many venues staying open until the next day dawns.

Greece sailing - sunset on holiday

As the peak of the Greece sailing season draws to a close, Spetses gears up for the most vibrant and exciting weekend of the year – the world-famous Armata Festival. You can spend your days enjoying the many cultural and artistic events and your nights witnessing amazing displays celebrating the island’s intriguing history.

The highlight of the festival is the commemorative burning of a replica 19th-century boat, a reminder of Spetses’ maritime significance and strength. As the boat burns by night, visitors can enjoy a spectacular fireworks display before exploring more of the island’s hot spots all the way into the next day.

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