Greece Sailing Holidays: The Ancient Wonders of Ermioni

By MedSailors Crew published on 12 January 2015

Every stop on a Greece sailing holiday has been carefully chosen to provide a wonderful and memorable experience. Ermioni is certainly no exception. There are several reasons why Ermioni is a great place to visit on your sailing holiday.

Long History
People have lived on the site of Ermioni for around 5,000 years so the area has amassed plenty of history. Much of this is open for exciting and fascinating expeditions and explorations during your stay in this charming little village. The calm blue waters of the sea also hide an ancient and extraordinary underwater archaeological site. This ancient submerged site, Bisti, can be admired through snorkelling and is not to be missed.


Food and Drink
Ermioni is home to some wonderful food and drink experiences. While your trip to Greece will likely be packed with treats for your palette, it is quite likely that those you find in Ermioni will stand out. There are plenty of places you can find traditional and authentic local delicacies, lovingly cooked with high-quality ingredients. Alternatively, you could enjoy some quiet, sophisticated cocktails as you gaze out at the ocean – something you can also do without even leaving your yacht.

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