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Greece Sailing Holidays: The Unique World of Hydra

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 25, 2015

Hydra is not one of the most famous places in Greece. If you say its name to most people, they will probably think of the multi-headed mythical monster and have no idea that it is also a place. Nonetheless, Hydra is one of the most wonderful but under-appreciated places in Greece, and it is sure to form a highlight of your Greece sailing holiday.

Unique Charm
Hydra has a truly unique charm, deeply rooted in its past. The old buildings and charming little cobbled streets are a true delight. However, the thing that makes Hydra so different is the fact there is a complete ban on motorised transport. The main form of transportation is the humble donkey, and this helps to lend Hydra a character that is all its own.

The Bay
Your sailing holiday will be filled with beautiful coastal spots, but nonetheless Hydra still manages to stand out with its absolutely stunning bay. It is the ideal spot for relaxing by the sea while its waves lap gently at the shore or for taking a dip in the sun-warmed waters. It is also a great place for paddle-boarding and a great spot to watch what some have referred to as the best sunset in all of Greece.

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