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Greece Sailing Trips and Traditional Village Life

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 07, 2015

An essential stop on any Greece sailing holiday, Perdika village is a great example of what makes the country such a popular destination for tourists.
Sailing in Greece - Visit villages for new experiences
The village prides itself on retaining its traditional outlook. As such, it offers a truly authentic taste of Greek living. Rows and rows of picture-perfect white buildings fill Perdika’s elegant streets, and the views of the crystal-clear sea are never far away. Being situated on the Aegean, the village makes the most of the local resources available, and it has gained a reputation as one of the top places to enjoy seafood delicacies in all of Greece.

Although Perdika is small in size, it is big in character, and there is plenty to do to fill your time away from the sea. There is a peaceful beach in the centre of the village for those who want to top up their tan, whilst the more adventurous can swim near the rocky edges of the warm sea.

But as much as Perdika has a reputation as a quaint, traditional village, don’t be fooled – when the sun sets, the village comes alive, with bars open until late and a lively atmosphere to be enjoyed by all.

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