Having It All on a Mediterranean Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew published on 24 September 2015

There is nothing like getting away from the humdrum aspects of everyday life and trying something completely new. And one of the most enjoyable parts of booking any getaway is deciding exactly where you will go. Plenty of places offer sun, sea and sand, but the destinations around the Mediterranean Sea are continually popular options for those seeking a truly memorable sailing holiday.

So what is it about the Mediterranean that continues to draw people to its shores? One of the biggest attractions is the sheer variety of places on offer. With a wide range of cultures to explore across many countries, you can visit the region time and again without ever tiring of it. From trendy modern developments to untouched ancient ruins, the Mediterranean covers all walks of life.

Sailing the Mediterranean - Coastal sights

Away from the blue seas themselves, you will find plenty to do on shore – miles of golden sands, dramatic landscapes, vibrant nightlife and, of course, a tempting selection of traditional Mediterranean types of food and drink.

So whether it is the liveliness of the Greek islands, the tranquillity of the Croatian coast or the beauty of Turkey’s shores, you can’t go wrong when sailing in the Mediterranean Sea.

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