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Your Health and Well-Being Onboard This Summer

By MedSailors Crew published on 14 May 2021

Our Environment

National governments have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that all travellers to their country pose a minimal risk of carrying Covid-19 and being at risk of infecting other travellers.

This is achieved with widespread testing and/or vaccination certificates required before arrival.

You can be confident that all our guests will present a low risk to you and their fellow travellers.

At this time both Croatia and Greece are working to create Green Zone Covid Free & fully vaccinated islands, most of which are located on our routes. We will continue to monitor but this may mean that any social distancing measures in place will be further relaxed in Green Zone destinations on our routes.

Our staff will also be following strictly the local government’s requirements and guidelines for safety, with additional cleaning procedures in line with the current guidance of the relevant authorities including the WHO and WTTC and local operating governments.

Your Yacht

Our yachts have always been rigorously cleaned and prepared for your arrival. Additional measures for the industries enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures include:

  • Disinfecting with ecologically friendly formula and disinfecting of the interior after the return of each charter and before cleaning staff enter the boat, as outlined by WHO and ECDC
  • Disinfecting of all inside surfaces with disinfectant and mattresses/pillows/blankets sanitized between charters
  • There is a second disinfecting with ecologically friendly formula and disinfecting of the interior after cleaning is completed
  • Finally, we disinfect the boat exterior and lockers including cushions

Health and well-being relaxation on a MedSailors catamaran

Check-in & Arrival

As all our check-in areas are located outdoors, we believe these areas to be very low-risk areas. Please observe the recommended social distancing guidelines in place (1.5m between groups) and wear a mask when coming up to check-in.

Your Skipper and Crew

Along with your shipmates and a sterile yacht on arrival, your skipper and crew are equally vital to ensure your health and well-being is looked after.

All of our crew are tested regularly for Covid-19 and we carry out daily symptom checks to ensure they remain in good health.

This allows them to perform their job which involves cooking, handling ropes, escorting you in dinghies/on tours and working in the shared space onboard.

All our staff are also given additional training on our revised hygiene protocols and enhanced Covid-19 awareness training for symptoms and transmission.

Life Onboard

Alongside our prevention measures, there are a few steps you can take to even further reduce any risk onboard during your week with us and keeping you as safe or safer than at home. These are:


  • Hand sanitizer is available and should be used when you board the yacht (except after swimming).
  • Increased cleaning frequency of each shared bathroom to twice a day and disinfectant available in each should you so wish.
  • Increased cleaning of indoor and outdoor communal spaces, specifically before and after every meal and again late afternoon before evening drinks.
  • Soap and communal hand sanitizer available in the saloon to be used frequently.

Social Distancing

In line with local regulations, you should maintain social distancing with those not in your group. You will only be asked to implement social distancing when ashore or mixing with other yachts in line with local regulations.

Our flotillas will also run in limited numbers to ensure we can properly monitor and implement distancing guidelines.

Masks and Gloves

The WHO does not recommend wearing masks or gloves apart from the situations listed below. This means it is not a requirement onboard our yachts or ashore but feel free to do so if you so wish. You may need to wear a mask in the following instances:

  • Indoors/outdoors when it is not possible to maintain social distance
  • When using public transport or taxi’s certain countries may require a face covering to board
  • At airports

If at any time, you feel unwell with any Covid-19 symptom, our yacht medical equipment includes medical-grade masks for everyone if required. You should make any suspected symptom known immediately and your skipper will supply a medical mask and implement the review phase which will go on to include testing for any suspected case.

Activities and Partners

All of the countries we visit in the Med have relaxed a number of restrictions – bars and restaurants are open, shops and cultural sites are open, all of our activity providers from wine tasting to water sports are open as usual.

There are a few restrictions to note, these include:

  • Indoor bar areas may have a reduced capacity
  • Socialising with other holidaymakers should be socially distanced
  • At restaurants, we ask that you either eat with your shipmates, eat as your own subgroup, and avoid joining other groups unless you remain 1.5m apart.
  • Frequently wash and sanitize your hands in public spaces and when you reboard your yacht

All 3rd Party activity providers have been checked for local Covid-19 regulation compliance – please note, if we don’t recommend them, we may not have checked them.

MedSailors guests doing water sports in Greece

Other Yachts

If there is a MedSailors flag flying, you can be safe in the knowledge that the same protocols are being maintained onboard and there will be hand sanitizer available when boarding.

We recommend that you avoid boarding yachts that are not associated with MedSailors and may not have the same protocols to keep you safe. Likewise, we recommend that you maintain social distancing with other holidaymakers in line with the guidance above.


Our aim is to make sure your sailing holiday is as safe or safer than simply carrying on your normal life at home! As well as being a great week of sailing, exploring, meeting new people and in essence the same with a few adjustments.

With these measures in place, we are confident you will be in as safe an environment as we can create, which will allow you to have the same onboard experience of sunshine, swimming, and socialising as any of our trips.

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