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How To Ditch Travel Guilt Forever

By MedSailors Crew
on  June 24, 2018

Travel is amazing and there really isn’t anything else quite like it. Every traveller has been shaped by their adventures, learnt important life lessons, and been exposed to an array of incredible opportunities that everyday life simply can’t offer. They’re also for sure overflowing with inspiring/funny/awkward stories, making them pretty great dinner party guests.

If you’ve decided to travel, we’re 100% certain that it’s one of the best decisions you will ever make. Sometimes though, you will probably encounter people who just aren’t aware of everything travel has to offer and might think you’re selfish for wanting to disappear on as many adventures as possible.

Don't feel guilty about travel plans - Get out there and enjoy yourself

What is Travel Guilt?

Have you ever excitedly mentioned your travel plans to someone only to be told that ‘life isn’t just one long holiday’? They might then go on to reiterate that they think you’re wasting your life and/or putting off making important life decisions.

As well as demonstrating a touch of the green-eyed monster, they might also be trying to make you feel a bit guilty. But we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t even entertain travel guilt as a real concept, let alone feel it.

You Do You, Always

We’re all on different life paths with different priorities. You should never feel guilty for putting yourself first. In fact, having a dream and achieving it is inspiring, not selfish! So, if you want to book your spot on an epic sailing trip, make sure you don’t let anyone stand in your way. And we’ll be here to high five you when you arrive.

Focus on the Value a Sailing Trip Can Offer

Your adventures will teach you a lot. From learning to sail and picking up a new language, becoming more comfortable talking to new people and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone to trying new things –you’ll take these new skills with you and rely on them in an array of situations throughout your life.

Of course, having the opportunity to travel is a privilege. But you really do deserve it. And you shouldn’t miss that opportunity!

Sailing holidays you can enjoy without feeling guilty - A break you deserve

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