Making a Sailing Holiday Truly Unique

By MedSailors Crew published on 22 May 2015

Every now and then, a sailing holiday can uncover a real hidden gem. And Hydra, which sits in the Aegean Sea not far from the Greek capital of Athens, is one of the best. Picturesque and unspoilt, the island’s horseshoe shape means that there are beautiful views of the sea from every vantage point.

But Hydra has a secret when it comes to the preservation of its natural beauty: the island has banned all road vehicles. That means no cars, no scooters and no motorbikes. On Hydra you travel by foot or donkey in order to make your way round the streets and alleyways of the main town and its surrounding villages.

Sailing holiday - Donkey trekking

The island is considered one of Greece’s most dreamy destinations and it has long been a favourite for people wishing to get away from it all. Once the preferred holiday home of both the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, the island remains famous for its artistic tendencies and is now something of a creative centre in Greece.

It is this strange but satisfying mix of the modern and the traditional that makes Hydra so special. Its bustling but welcoming waterfront is perfect for tourists, but those seeking something truly unique might want to wander slightly off the beaten track to capture the real spirit of the Aegean Sea’s artistic hub.

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