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Making The Most Of The Mainland On A Greece Sailing Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 02, 2017

There is no doubt that the many islands around Greece offer plenty for visitors to enjoy, but there is also much to see and do on the mainland itself. Take Ermioni, for example – with its peninsula location, this area has the perfect balance between mainland and island life.

Visit the Greek mainland - See historic sights

One of the most important aspects to enjoy here is the area’s historical and archaeological significance. Situated on the very eastern point of the peninsula is the beautiful bay of Bisti. History is in the very fabric of the place, and as such it is hard to ignore. Most significant is the area’s former name: Poseidon. There are many ruins of ancient buildings here, and historians believe that amongst these is the former temple of the Greek God of the Sea himself.

But Bisti and Ermioni aren’t all about the past. Bisti itself is simply perfect for some underwater exploration if you fancy giving snorkelling a go as part of your Greece sailing adventure. And if you are keen to keep your head above water, rest assured that the waters here are ideal for some of the most relaxing bathing you are ever likely to experience.

With history, scenery and a vibrant nightlife to boot, it’s no surprise that Ermioni is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Exceptional sailing holidays in Greece - Things to see and do at sea

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